Getting There

Getting There

The seeds of this magnificent garden were planted many years ago.  As was common practice in so much of our country, by the 1930s most areas had been clear cut of all trees for farming.  Only fields remained.

Early 1930s looking east towards Burkhardt Road
The photograph was taken soon after Edgar and Aline Igleheart purchased the property, all fields.  But fortunately, they had the foresight to envision a magnificent country estate surrounded by beautiful grounds designed for the enjoyment of their young family and the race horses they loved.  They immediately planted 65 different species of trees that grace the property today and are the foundation of the Garden.  If you look very closely at the above image, you can see some of the newly planted saplings with white labels.

As the Garden evolves from a private family estate to a public Sanctuary, construction dominates the serene grounds.  With a mission to create the most unique and beautiful Gardens in the area, the Foundation is undertaking immense efforts to restore the property as a beautiful and enjoyable experience for all.  A Sanctuary for the Soul!

Saving the historic Farm houses, soon to become welcome and learning centers

Along with restoration, many new projects must be undertaken to provide the infrastructure required for a pubic facility.  New roads and drainage lines, new parking lots, new electric.

Parking Lots and Roads
Storm Sewage Catch Basin
Installation of Drainage Lines
The New Learning Center in the Early Stages of Completion

A New Pavilion Emerges

From bare dirt and blocks, many hours of design and work, the beginnings of a majestic Garden become a reality.

Our greeters, Flora and Folia
Mother Aline’s Heirloom Peonies

Forty-nine cisterns were uncovered on the property, many formerly used for fire prevention.  Cherished perennials have been saved, including mother Aline’s beautiful heirloom peonies.  Holly, magnolia, maples and many other new varieties of trees have been recently planted.  New shrub and flowers beds are in various stages of completion.

Excavation for new retaining walls and terraces
Beginnings of west entrance
Many steps must be undertaken and appropriate conditions implemented before a seed is planted, emerges as a seedling,  struggles through the growing phase, and finally blossoms.  The same is true for the transformation of this great Garden.  Check back often for new images and updates as the beautiful Igleheart Garden evolves!

The new West Entrance is Finished!

Welcome to Igleheart Gardens!